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STANLEY Can Do More:
SCS4K Screwdriver to the Rescue

A staple of any toolbox, the humble screwdriver is a handy tool for situations involving loose screws. However, its traditional form can be limiting at times. As the times change, so must tradition. The new SCS4K screwdriver from STANLEY is your high-tech answer to tricky professional scenarios where screws—be it up or down—put you in a tough spot.


Discover how you can do more with STANLEY, as the SCS4K has the highest efficiency and drill power of its kind in the market. Bear witness to performance in action!


Awkward Angles

Using the old-fashioned screwdriver, you would normally strain your neck and arm joints in an attempt to work on those out-of-reach screws. With its bendable shaft, the SCS4K screwdriver allows you to access pesky screws that nestle within inaccessible spaces—with ease.

Bend the SCS4K at a roughly 45-degree angle, and you are well on your way to twisting into place screws that you can only reach at an awkward angle. If there is a loose screw on the right interior wall of the back of a horizontal shelf, you would bend the SCS4K as mentioned, and stretch your hand into the recess as necessary to fasten the erring metal pin.

As a bonus, even if you are working on accessible screws, the pistol shape that you obtain via the pivotal motion allows for relaxed twisting that feels like plug-and-play operation.


Dark Spaces

Where light shines, there must be darkness. For every illuminated part of your workspace, there will be accompanying dark spaces. As a professional tradesman, these shadows can be annoying if they conceal screws that you must tighten to build or fix something.

Fear the darkness no longer, for the SCS4K has a mini-torch just below its head. With its beam of light, you can reveal scheming screws that dwell within the shadows, and secure them in their rightful places with the right screwdriver bit.  (Yes, the bit is changeable.)


Stubborn Screws

Bearing a motor that delivers 4.5Nm torque, the SCS4K is a highly efficient electric screwdriver that lets you tame stubborn screws—at the press of a button. As a bonus, you will even look cool doing it because of the pistol form (accessible via the pivot design).

For versatility, the tool comes with a 30-bit collection so that you have various screwdriver tips for various screw heads. Additionally, the screwdriver’s beak has a hex magnet chuck that enables speedy swapping of tips. As a result, you gain the agility to adapt to shifting circumstances in the field. No matter what challenge you face, you will fasten those screws to accomplish great work.



Ergonomic Grip

Sporting a rubber over-mould at the handle, and weighing in at 0.4 kg, the SCS4K is an ultra-lightweight tool that is easy and comfortable to hold. Moreover, the aforementioned pivot design allows for a pistol form. Together, they result in an ergonomic grip that makes gruelling professional work easier.

During those challenging periods when your company works on tough projects, you may feel fired up to do an excellent job. If you must fasten hundreds of passenger seats to the interiors of aircraft within a workday (and still make it for dinner with the family), then you will have to power through the workload effectively. In such a case, the SCS4K will rescue you from sore muscles and bad posture.